What is the Working Family Credit? 

The Working Family Credit delivers tax relief to individuals whose income is below a certain level. This credit can reduce the tax you owe and provide you with a tax refund. 

Who qualifies for the credit? 

The Working Family Credit is available to Minnesotans who earn income during the year. Generally, you must meet the following requirements of the child tax credit to claim the working family credit as well:  

  • You were a full-year or part-year resident of Minnesota in 2023 (with certain exceptions for military members).
  • You are not a dependent of another person.
  • If you are married and you or your spouse are a nonresident alien, your filing status must be Married Filing Jointly. If you have no qualifying children, you and your spouse must have resided in the U.S. for more than half of 2023.

The maximum Working Family Credit is $350 if your earned income is $8,750 or more, and it can increase by: 

  • $350 for no qualifying child.
  • $1,275 for one qualifying child age 18 or older.
  • $2,450 for two qualifying children age 18 or older.
  • $2,850 for three or more qualifying children age 18 or older.

How do I receive the credit? 

For tax years 2023 and later, claim the Working Family Tax Credit using Schedule M1CWFC on your tax return.  

The Minnesota Department of Revenue offers free tax preparation for those who qualify. Learn more at Free Tax Preparation Sites | Minnesota Department of Revenue (state.mn.us) 

If you don’t qualify for free preparation but are considering hiring a professional tax preparer to help file your tax return, the Minnesota Department of Revenue provides a helpful guide on finding one with the knowledge to prepare your returns correctly: 

How to Select a Tax Preparer - English.pdf (state.mn.us)  

Eligiendo un Preparador de Impuesto