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What is the Families First Project?

The Families First Project seeks to transform Minnesota into a state where family economic security has been elevated as the top priority for elected officials and a focal point of public policy discussions.

Families are the foundational building blocks of our society.  With your help Minnesota can enact policies that put families first by making it easier to get married, stay married, have children, raise children in economically stable households, and care for extended family. 

This platform was created to empower you, the faithful citizen, with the policy ideas, information, and tools you need to engage with your elected officials and raise the family in Minnesota.  You are either a mother, father, son, or daughter. As such, you have a unique perspective on family life that lawmakers need to hear. By working closely with your elected officials you can help remove the unnecessary economic burdens being faced by Minnesota families across all income deciles, especially those at or below the poverty line.





Families First Policy Proposals

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What is the Families First Project?