Vision and Mission

The Families First Project envisions a Minnesota where the economic wellbeing of the family has been elevated as the top priority for elected officials and a focal point of public policy discussion.

The public square in filled with advocacy organizations who are working diligently to address matters of social concern (e.g. destitution, homelessness, economic insecurity, criminal justice matters) that are symptoms of a deeper problem- family fragmentation.  The Families First Project seeks to be a rally point for faithful citizens who want to go upstream by working in the public policy arena to promote family stability and family economic security.

The Families First Project's mission is to utilize the power of constituent engagement to encourage Minnesota lawmakers to enact legislation that provides economic provision to families without undermining parental autonomy and prudential judgement over how to best allocate resources. 


The policy proposals and engagement strategies advanced by Families First Project seek to:

  1. Create an appropriate policy ecosystem that supports the creation of stable families and helps them flourish by making it easier to: 1) get married, 2) stay married, 3) have kids, 4) raise kids in economically stable environments, 5)care for extended family.

  2. Make the wellbeing of the family the focal point of tax and budget discussions amongst Minnesota Legislators.

  3. Change public perception of marriage and family as a positive good for one’s individual wellbeing and the good of society as a whole.

  4. Change perception amongst the public and the Minnesota Legislature about state's duty to support the work being done and contribution being made by parents raising minor children. 

  5. Promote family formation and parenthood as a solution to workforce shortages and Minnesota’s 2040 demographic cliff.
The Why

The family in America is in a precarious situation. The breakdown of the family is a major contributor to poverty, poor health outcomes, academic underachievement, crime abuse and a growing financial commitment from taxpayers. Childrearing has never been easy or cheap, and it has only become more arduous as the cost of living (transportation, consumer goods, healthcare, housing) continues to rise. Steady declines in marriage rates and family formation amongst the middle- and working-classes are substantiating a growing perception that marriage and parenthood are privileges or mere lifestyle choices, to be experienced and sustained only by those of great financial means or favorable circumstances, rather than a fundamental vocation.

For more information on the financial challenges families are facing go to the Get Started page.