Take Action


The perspective and living witness of families will be a critical part of transforming policy proposals into laws that impact the daily lives of families. Can you think of any young adults, couples, and families in your community that would benefit if one or more of the policy proposals were passed into law?

If so, it's time to act! 

Create a team of citizen advocates by letting families know about the policy proposal (or proposals) that you really like and inviting them to join you in the effort to put families first in Minnesota.

“Take Action” was created to be your one-stop shop for everything you need to advocate for policies that would remove barriers to family formation and support family economic security (thriving) in Minnesota. Use the resources on the Take Action page to

  1. Find out who represents you in the legislature.
  2. Schedule a meeting with your legislators.
  3. Ask your legislators to champion the policy proposals that you and your fellow citizen advocates want to see enacted into law.