Encourage legislators to support families by passing a nation-leading Child Tax Credit. Tell your story!

Send the Minnesota Catholic Conference a one-minute video of how your family would benefit from a new state-level child tax credit. 

The Minnesota legislature is currently making the final decisions about how they will distribute billions of dollars in economic relief. Governor Walz, the House, and Senate have each proposed some version of a new Child Tax Credit to be included in the next state budget. A new Minnesota child tax credit could be a game changer for parents raising minor children, and while lawmakers generally support the idea, more voices are needed to make it a reality. The Minnesota Catholic Conference will use your story to help show lawmakers why families need this tax relief.

Grandparents, you can share your story too! Tell us, how would a child tax credit help your grandchildren to flourish?

So, pick up your phone and record a one-minute video.

Go ahead and get your kids and spouse in the video too. The more the merrier!!

In your video, show your excitement and tell us:

  • Your name(s) and where you are from.
  • What would an extra $600 to $1000 in tax relief per year, per child mean for your family's budget?
    • Some ideas include:
      • Healthier groceries, school supplies, a new instead of worn-out car seat, more flexibility to afford vital house repairs, tutoring, enrolling in t-ball or summer camp, extra gas in the tank, growing a garden, or just simply making ends meet. We know the list of family needs and important childhood experiences is endless. So, tell us, what would a little tax relief in the form of a per-child tax credit mean for your family?
  • Does your family use childcare outside of the home? Why or Why not? Would you prefer to have one parent stay home with young children?
  • How has the rising cost of living impacted your family’s life? Have you had to cut out some activities that your children really enjoy?
  • End your video by saying "Please pass a nation-leading child tax credit that benefits as many families as possible!"

Play back your video and make sure you can easily see and hear everyone who speaks in the video. Email your video to Ryan Hamilton at [email protected]The Minnesota Catholic Conference will use the video in its communications.