What families are facing:

Families are facing skyrocketing costs on necessities of living, and no one is facing these high expenses more than families with infants.

First-time parents face the largest upfront costs of big-ticket items such as car seats, cribs, strollers, bassinets, and mattresses. A typical shopping list of these items can easily add up to nearly $2,000. By eliminating state sales tax, parents will save nearly $130.

  • $400 on wipes + $27.50 in state sales tax

  • $200 on a car seat + $13.75 in state sales tax

  • $70 on a car seat base + $4.81 in state sales tax

  • $200 bassinet + $13.75 in state sales tax

  • $50 bassinet mattress + $3.43 in state sales tax

  • $15 bassinet sheets + $1.03 in state sales tax

  • $200 on a crib + $13.75 in state sales tax

  • $60 crib mattress + $4.12 in state sales tax

  • $25 crib sheets + $1.71 in state sales tax

  • $200 stroller + $13.75 in state sales tax

  • $150 changing table + $10.31 in state sales tax

  • $50 changing pads + $3.43 in state sales tax

  • $150 baby swing + $10.31 in state sales tax

  • $50 bottle sterilizing bags + $3.43 in state sales tax

  • $20 infant eating utensils + $1.37 in state sales tax


TOTAL = $1,966.45

($126.45 in sales tax)


A Solution:

Expanding the sales tax exemption to baby necessities such as wipes, car seats, and cribs will help keep more money in the pockets of parents to help cover the many unexpected costs of childrearing. Eliminating this tax is particularly vital for lower-income families who are often living paycheck-to-paycheck. A small tax cut for the state could make a life-saving difference when a family can now afford a new safe crib and car seat rather than getting those items already used in a neighborhood swap.

The state’s $17.6 billion surplus in 2023 demonstrates that we can afford to support growing families, especially low-income families who will benefit the most from adding these items to the exemption list. Minnesota cannot afford to lose young families who will support and sustain our well-documented aging population.

This bill has bipartisan support in the legislature – everyone can get behind supporting families. Let’s help parents of infants by easing the cost of necessary items.

Do you agree that expanding the sales tax exemption on baby necessities would benefit families in Minnesota? Here's the status of this proposal and what you can do to help bring it into law:

Status: This policy proposal has been introduced in the House and Senate

Take Action: Connect with your State Senator and State Representative to ask them to join as co-authors on this bill and to vote in favor of the sales tax exemption expansion. You can get the tools you need to schedule meetings with your legislators and make your pitch on the Take Action page.

Meeting with your legislator? Bring these materials: 

One-page informational handout. Click the image to download PDF.











Click to download a copy of the bill to give to your legislators:

House File 2125

Senate File 2182