Parenting is a key ingredient of children’s healthy development. Therefore is critical to ensure that parents have rewarding employment that allows them to support their families economically and emotionally. 

We should help people to be ready for parenthood before they start a family.

Parents and aspiring parents should have access to training to improve their employment opportunities. 

"One reason marriage is fragile in many poor and working-class communities is that job stability and income are inadequate, especially for workers without a college degree. We acknowledge that better jobs and greater income are not a silver bullet. But insofar as stable, decent-paying jobs remain a key ingredient for young adults considering marriage, steps should be taken to scale up vocational education and apprenticeship programs (Cass 2018; Lerman 2014; Sawhill 2018)." -

"This economic reality can be remedied, in part, by scaling up vocational education and apprenticeship programs. By raising the skills, earnings, maturity, and self-confidence of young men and women who are not on the college track, such programs would help more young people forge strong and stable marriages." -


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Promoting Technical and Vocational Career Paths