• You can file using your social security number (SSN) or an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN), a tax filing number for eligible individuals without an SSN. 
  • Based on your filing status (single or married filing jointly), your income, and your number of dependents, the Child Tax Credit will be applied first to any taxes you owe and then any surplus will be given to you as a tax refund. 


Tax laws can be complicated. The Minnesota Department of Revenue offers free tax preparation for those who qualify. Learn more at Free Tax Preparation Sites | Minnesota Department of Revenue ( 

If you don’t qualify for free preparation but are considering hiring a professional tax preparer to help file your tax return, the Minnesota Department of Revenue provides a helpful guide on finding one with the knowledge to prepare your returns correctly: 

How to Select a Tax Preparer - English.pdf (

Eligiendo un Preparador de Impuesto